Preorder Sugar High Stoner Adult Bloomers High Waisted Shorts XS-4XL

Sweet Candy K

$28.99 $31.99

These bloomers are perfect for joining the next smoke circle or chilling in the clouds at home with snacks all to yourself. These bloomers are stretchy and sweet perfect for puff puff passing with your stuffies. This listing is for the preorder meaning these are still in production and will not ship immediately, for your patience you can choose a lil gift exclusive to the preorder (simple paci, teether bracelet, or regular bracelet). Expected shipment is end of March 2024 just in time for 4/20. 

❓️What is viscose bamboo and why use it?❓️

Bamboo fabrics come directly from the bamboo plant, which makes it a natural fiber. Viscose describes the process by which it is made into a fabric. The bamboo wood is turned into a pulp and spun into a fibre which is then woven into a fabric. It is very soft, silky, hypoallergenic, and breathable which is great for those with sensitive skin.  It is also considered a sustainable fabric source which is gentler on the environment.

❓️What happens to my order if there are unforeseen delays?❓️

We’re expecting to ship at the end of March 2024 but we have backup plans just in case 💕. You will still receive your order, just a little later! We are not responsible for any manufacturer delays, but if we come up on any we can assure you we will be 100% transparent and communicate any information we receive so there are never any surprises and you are kept in the loop!

❓️What if I want a refund or to cancel my pre-order❓️

Refunds and cancelations are only permitted if we are unable to deliver on the product. Since the bloomers have already been paid for, money from orders goes towards paying for the cost of production and towards the creation of the next release!

❓️Why the difference in price and extras?❓️

It is our small way of saying thank you for putting your trust in us, supporting our growth early on and giving us a better idea of what you're all looking for. The faster we sell out, the more likely it is this print will have a second run, and that more bloomers will be produced in the future.

❓️Do you have a size chart?❓️

Yes we do, but we want to wait until the product arrives to ensure sizes are correct! You can find our draft size chart if you scroll through the images. Once we finalize it, it will be available in our website listing and saved in the Size Charts highlight on our IG (@sck2official)!

❓️When will pre-orders ship?❓️

Once they arrive we will check for any printing, quality and sizing issues before sending them your way. Please allow for 1 - 2 weeks before we start to ship. Remember, we are a smol business with 3 lovely people (2 remote and 1 physically in the office), so allow for time to package and prep orders for shipping. Your orders will be fulfilled and processed before any orders placed after the pre-order cut-off.