Refunds, Exchanges, Cancellations 

We do not accept refunds or exchanges due to the nature of our products, but please contact if something is wrong with your order when it arrives. We do not accept cancellations either.

Shipping Times

All premade/ready to ship items ship in 1 to 5 days. Note at this point most store items are premades or supplies. All supplies ship within 1 week unless they are customized. Custom items ship within 2-6 weeks (if you wait more than 4 weeks you will get an extra free gift with your order).


We ship internationally but the buyer is responsible for any customs fees. All products will be marked as merchandise as we are legally required to.

Custom Products

Custom products require a 5.00 deposit unless you have purchased from us 3 times or more. Custom products are not returnable but please contact us if you have any issues with them. Custom products may take longer than our regular shipping times. Our customs are currently closed but we’ll let you know when we open them again.

Age Requirements

Due to the nature of our products we require you to be 18+ to purchase, if we find out you are not you will have your order refunded and be blocked from the store.