About Us

We are a team of kinky queer folks who love not only crafting but sadomasochism too! We're involved in both the online and in-person communities and enjoy every aspect of it, which is part of why we have 24/7 dynamics. Our current team is composed of Bun Bun, Baby P, Pet M, and our wonderful team of ambassadors and commission artists. 

We all love this community with our entire hearts and souls and are so glad that we have the ability to participate in giving something back to the community. Thanks for stopping by! We try to have over 100 premades in stock all the time, and have new releases as a surprise every couple days. We have a mix of premade and customizable options so no matter your preference we'll have something for you. We ship premade orders every Sunday/Monday (excluding holidays). Order before 12pm EST Saturday to have it ship the next Monday for premade items (customs and shirts are excluded from this as we need time to make them just for you after they're ordered). 

Order customs before Nov 4th for expected delivery before the holidays.