Do I have to be 18+ to buy?

Yes, we do not support minors in kink and require people be 18+ to purchase from our store even if they are only buying SFW items. We have this rule even for SFW items because we market ourselves as a kink shop and are affiliated with the kink community.

What if my packaged arrives damaged?

Fill a damaged mail claim, then contact us at sweetcandykink@gmail.com and we will do our best to fix it.

What glue/adhesive do you use?

We use e6000 for all our deco items and resin/permanent vinyl for everything else. 

Can I resell your items?

Yes, we only ask that you don’t resell them for more than you paid for them or buy our exclusive center pacis to deco yourself and resell as your art (always feel free to add extra deco and modify our work for yourself though ☺️). If you’re caught buying finished items to resell later at a higher price you will be blocked from our store (supplies and custom submit your own art center pacis are excluded from this of course).

Do you only sell to kinky people?

Whatever you call yourself doesn't matter as long as you're 18+ and you're not intending to use the items with people who are below 18 or in places minors could see the items.

Can I promote for you?

Our application is currently closed but will open again soon <3.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship everywhere but buyers are responsible for any customs fees if they apply. Note International delivery can take 2+ months depending on your location and the shipping service you choose. 

When you ship internationally do you mark as merchandise?

Yes, it is a legal requirement. It is illegal to ship purchased items as anything else and it is illegal for us to pay anyone else's custom fees.

Is your packaging discreet?

Yes, your package will never say the contents and on a customs form, it will only be marked as jewelry or small toy. All packages are sent in white mailers or plain brown boxes with the return address marked as "Sweet Candy K".

Do you stock all the shirts at once?

Our shirts are MTO at the time of purchase so they ship separately from other parts of the order, directly from their manufacturer.