Care Instructions

Paci Care Instructions (comes printed with each Paci): 

Teether Care Instructions (come printed with each teether): 

Vinyl Care:

Slime Care:

Resin Paddle Care Instructions:

We use LATEX in the production of all premade paddles, please contact us for alternative options if you have a LATEX allergy. Buyer is responsible for reactions.

We recommend hanging paddle from its ribbon or storing it laying completely flat when not in use for longest life.

Resin is heat sensitive and can lead to warping if it is left in/on top of hot places (example: hot plate, radiator, candle warmer).

Soap and water are recommended for cleaning, while we do not recommend submerging paddles for a long period of time, they are waterproof, and all deco and vinyl is resin sealed. Remove or avoid ribbon when cleaning.

Paddles are intended for adult novelty use by those 18 and up only. Buyer is responsible for use.

Please contact us at with questions or for repairs.