3 Inch Selenite Crystal Wand

Sweet Candy K


Selenite wands are perfect for recharging crystal pacis without exposing them to smoke, water, dirt, or other things that may damage them. They're also great for bringing light joyful energy to spaces and charging other crystals. 

Contact us at sweetcandykink@gmail.com if you have any questions. We ship orders every Monday (excluding holidays). Order before 12pm the Saturday before to get it to ship that Monday.

Each wand is uniquely handmade by nature so they will each be a little different. Selenite can also be damaged by water so keep it away from water. 

Get one for only 1$ when added to the cart with a crystal shaker and/or witchy paci. 

Y'all probably already know this but this item is for adult novelty use only by those 18 and up and provides no health benefits.