DIY Make a Paci Kit

Sweet Candy K


Make a Paci kits are back after a bit of a hiatus. These work like artist choice customs so you can choose from our 3 available paci colors (pink, white, black) and then pick a theme/colors, and the letter beads you'd like for the handle if you want any. Each paci kit will come with surprise deco beads in matching colors and our favorite paci glue. 

Note if you request a theme we don't have a premade center we will make a custom button center for you. If you’d like a custom resin center they’re available by request.

Example of an acceptable request (princess theme, pink paci, red deco, "princess" for the handle). Example of an unacceptable request (pink ariel planar, red paci, 4mm rhinestone deco, "princess" in pink letter beads of the handle). If you'd like a specific custom kit please email us for a custom price and so we can ensure we have the supplies you want before you order. Shakers can not be requested with this listing please contact us if you'd like a shaker paci DIY kit.

Email us at with questions or for custom kits.