Custom Center PM Paci (Custom Options Blank to Full Deco)

Sweet Candy K


Have you ever wanted a paci with your own drawing as the center or maybe a photo of your pet or caregiver? This listing is for you. This is a made to order paci made with any center art you'd like. Just send us the image you want with your order number, after you have ordered. You can choose the level of deco you want from blank to full deco (please allow 1-2 weeks in addition to shipping so we can make the creation of your custom piece extra special). The deco is all artist choice (will be made to match the center art you send us) but if you have specific colors you'd like included or really don't want please let us know. If you have a preferred handle phrase or side charms please leave it in a note (we will do our best to accommodate side charm requests but can't guarantee them).

Note: by sending us art to use you are agreeing you have the legal right to use it (i.e. if it's a commission from an artist or something please ask first). Any art you send us will be confidential and we will not reuse or distribute the art (so don't worry about sending your original art or photos of a pet or partner (we will not do photos of minors though)). 

All of our pacis are handcrafted, with adult-sized silicone teets (nuk size 6). Our items are meant for adult novelty use only for those 18 and up. All deco items contain small parts and thus present a choking hazard. Deco pacis are handmade items and we do not recommend taking them apart. 

Contact us at if you have any questions.