Artist Choice Custom Add Ons (Adult Paci Clip, Paddle, Teether, Shaker Wand, Sets)

Sweet Candy K


This listing is for all our artist choice custom add-on options. We have custom pacis here, custom shaker pacis here, and all our exclusive art paci customs here

Please leave the themes/colors/phrases you would like in the notes box at checkout. If a note is not left you will get a completely artist choice custom. Artist choice just means we’ll have artistic freedom on these to choose materials, you can pick themes, colors, and handle phrases.

Acceptable Artist Choice Request: pink princess theme with “princess” on the handle 

Not an Artist Choice Request: light pink marble paddle, with pink heart, start, peach, and crown glitter, princess handpainted on the handle (this would be considered a full custom and would need a full custom slot email us at for these options).

Please allow up to 6 weeks for creation plus shipping time (the next Monday after it is finished).

All our items are meant for adult novelty use only for those 18 and up. They contain small parts and can present a choking hazard. Email us at with questions. 

Matching Full Set Includes an ARTIST CHOICE (please email for full customs) ribbon paci clip, paci charm, 9-inch paddle (can be swapped for a resin tray or box if you'd prefer and/or don't like paddles), matching shaker wand (leave a note if you prefer wet or dry), and teether bracelet matching your custom's theme.