Pet M/Demon's Pup Introduction

Pet M/Demon's Pup Introduction

Hey Y'all I should've done this a bit ago (Baby E has been hounding me). I'm Pet M/Demon's Pup, the other shop owner and at this point just one of our team members. While I am exploring more littlish things, my primary dynamic is Master/pet. I've been with my Master for over 4 years and have been collared for 2 years. Since I have lots of dynamics I thought I'd do a more general BDSM questionnaire. 

1. Do you have a dom/me?

Yes, she's a wonderful woman but prefers Master as her title.

2. What does your domme call you?

Little Boy, Good Boy, Little One, Whelp, Pet, Bubba, Bubber, Goober, and many many more. She loves coming up with new names for me.

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