An Introduction to Bloodplay

An Introduction to Bloodplay

So what is bloodplay, it’s exactly what it sounds like any plan involving blood or the intentional breaking of skin. It is inherently a form of edge play so please do your research and be with a partner(s) you trust.

  • Safety:

First make sure you and your partners are free from and/or being treated for any blood borne diseases. Decide what risk level is appropriate for your play and sterilize all equipment that can be (heavy cuts or with unclean materials will always carry some risk). One of the biggest things to talk about with bloodplay and safety is that there will always be risk so toy just have to decide what level of risk you and partner(s) are comfortable with.

  • Tools:

For tool ideas I’m going to sort them from least risk to most risk (all bloodplay has some risk though):

Sterile 1 Use Needles and Scalpels

Sterilized Reusable Scalpels

Sterilized Knives

Boiled tacks or Knives

Non sterilized Knives

Teeth, Claws, Nails, Vampire Gloves (these are all the most risky as no matter what they can’t be sterilized)

The second part of this section is the other tools you need most of these will be for aftercare or could be part of the scene in a medical play scene. Most of this is just basic first aid items, but we also put in bruise cream and sterilizing wipes.

  • Scene Ideas

This was probably the section in the series I was most excited about. Bloodplay can be combined with lots of other forms of play (my favorite being primal play). I thought I’d list some ideas with a heart by all my favs.

Vampire feeding 💕

Blood pact sealing 💕

Medical Play

Torture Session

Primal Mating Scenes 💕

Petplay Vet Visit

Slave Inspection

Blood Magic

Needle Piercing

Cutting and Marking


I'll try to answer any questions in the comments if I can :)

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